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Supplying your needs all year round

We have Compressed Timothy and Alfalfa Hay in Stock!

Racetrack quality, grown in the Pacific Northwest.

The bales weigh roughly 50 to 55 lbs. each

Timothy - $21.75 a bale

Alfalfa - $18.50 a bale

This Weeks Savings Spectacular in is:

Mifflin-Mill Made Poultry Layer Mash

50 lb in Pa & NJ
reg $12.60

100 LB only in PA
 REG $22.75

A Complete Nutritional feed to help continued Egg Production. Fortified with Calcium for Stronger Shells, Alfalfa Meal and Vegetable Oil.

Sale good thru 3/24/19

Weekly Savings Special in all 3 Stores :

Easylix Whitetail Deer Block

  25 lb
 reg 11.99

Sale good thru 3/24/19

We have Onion Sets, Garlic Bulbs and Shallots Available Now!!

Deer Supplies

We have In-Stock: WhiteTail Results Deer Feed Pellets, Deer Corn w/Molasses, Whole Corn, Flavored Salt Licks, Easy-Lix Feed Blocks, Clover Seed, Salt Blocks,
Deer Minerals & Attractants


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