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Supplying your needs all year round

Having trouble finding the product you need for your livestock. Go to the link provided here and use dealer code 100488 to receive a discount on us.  It is good for all online purchases at Alltech . Let us be of service to you.

Get rid of rabbits, repel the squirrels, stop the chipmunks, and deter the skunks.

Predator urine in the form of Fox urine is the natural way to protect your yard

and garden from these animal pests.

100% Fox Urine stops rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks.

What Animals Will Fox Urine Repel?l

Get rid of deer, raccoons, rats, groundhogs and more with Coyote Urine

Check our Poultry Aisle for all your Poultry supplies. Feeders, Waterers, Incubators, Heat lamps, Bulbs, Treats etc"

We have Compressed Timothy and Alfalfa Hay in Stock!

Racetrack quality, grown in the Pacific Northwest.

The bales weigh roughly 50 to 55 lbs. each

Timothy - $21.75 a bale

Alfalfa - $18.50 a bale

Deer Supplies

We have In-Stock: WhiteTail Results Deer Feed Pellets, Deer Corn w/Molasses, Whole Corn, Flavored Salt Licks, Easy-Lix Feed Blocks, Clover Seed, Salt Blocks,
Deer Minerals & Attractants


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