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Supplying your needs all year round

Wood Stove Pellet FuelEnergex
Premium Wood Stove Pellets

$299 a ton

Call for Ordering & Availability

**An added fee is applicable on deliveries**

We have Compressed Timothy and Alfalfa Hay in Stock!

Racetrack quality, grown in the Pacific Northwest.

The bales weigh roughly 50 to 55 lbs. each

Timothy - $21.75 a bale

Alfalfa - $18.50 a bale

Rodent BlocksTomcat All Weather Rodent Blocks
4 lb block
*While Supplies Last!*

This Weeks Savings Spectacular in Mifflin is:

Mifflin Sheep Feed

17% protein 
Textured 50lb


Mifflin Goat Feed

16% Protein Textured 50lb

Sale good thru 1/31/19

This Weeks Savings Spectacular is:

12 Packs of Peanut, Nut & Berry and Plain Suet


Suet is a high energy formulation of animal fat and other ingredients to attract insect eating birds. Suet is a quick source of heat and energy for birds, who's metabolisms are set on fast forward. It traditionally has been used as a good substitute for the insects that birds usually feed upon but are not plentiful in cold weather.

Halite Rock Salt50lbs


The difference between a 1/4 inch of rain and 3 inches of snow could be just a few degrees. Get your Rock Salt now and be safe!

Rock salt, also known as Halite, is the mineral form of sodium chloride. Salt lowers the freezing point of water. Small amounts of salt partially melt the ice forming a brine (solution of salt and water). The solution flows under the ice and breaks the bond between the ice and pavement. Rock salt works down to 5°F and helps provide instant traction on snow on ice.

Sale good thru 1/13/19

Deer Supplies

We have In-Stock: WhiteTail Results Deer Feed Pellets, Deer Corn w/Molasses, Whole Corn, Flavored Salt Licks, Easy-Lix Feed Blocks, Clover Seed, Salt Blocks,
Deer Minerals & Attractants



There are tons of great, free resources available from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that you can take advantage of.

 Stream live FeederWatch Cams from around the globe. Check out the live FeederWatch cam in Ontario now - 
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